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July 14, 2009


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Amen! to The 4 Agreements, what a wonderful way to get to the heart of the issue of criticism. Now, if we could all remember that!


Hmmm... I'm looking back more than a few years to my own growing up years. My older brother was not much of a grammarian, and Mom and I were ever so quick to correct him. Knee-jerk reaction: he'd say something like "We wasn't going..." and before he'd get the rest of the sentence out, one or both of us would say, "WEREN'T!"

If asked, Mom and I would have said we were being kind: correcting his atrocious grammar was helping him learn the error of his ways, so that in the future he wouldn't sound like an idiot. (In that, I guess we succeeded: Big Brother is now a PhD... and despite grade inflation, they don't give those out to idiots.)

But these many years removed, I can see that our all-too-frequent interruptions weren't kind; they probably weren't necessary, as I'm sure somewhere along the line, he would have learned better grammar. He was shy, and I'm sure those interruptions to point out his errors didn't help his self-confidence levels any.

I still wince when someone massacres the English language, but I now opt to be kind instead of correct. My tongue may take a beating sometimes as I bite it to stop that Instant Editor from speaking... but it seems less harmful in the final analysis.

If I were to read one of Dwer's books, which one would you recommend?


Dyer... oops!

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