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June 06, 2009


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Well, I don't recall being fed special food after I was out of a high chair (except on liver nights -- Thanks, Mom!), but I know I didn't start actually liking quite a few foods until after I had grown up and left home. Broccoli and asparagus, for instance, which are two of my favorite veggies now. Maybe my taste buds didn't develop fully until college?

Anyway, Zen Mama, don't let yourself get into a snit over this... and don't keep letting your kids get away with it, either. Have them take an honest try of each food served... and be sure there's some variety in the meal. And if they don't eat enough to make you believe they really did give it a try, then excuse them from the table before dessert is served.

Just understand that their taste buds and habits aren't going to change overnight. Serve healthy meals pleasantly presented -- and offer, don't nag. By the time they graduate from college, they'll probably be eating right.


I am in awe of you Zen Mama. Not only for jumping into the arena of "no kid meals" which is daunting in and of itself, but for sticking to your guns and following through with something you have been talking about for months. It would have been so easy to just let it go.

I too jumed into the no kid meal arena at far to late a date so think doing it earlier rather than later is so important. My 11 year old daughter is a self proclaimed vegetarian that only eats bacon :) and she too tried to tell me she doesn't eat veggies or beans. Luckily she is a major rule follower so when I told her that she had to eat veggies and beans to be a vegetarian she reluctantly started to eat them.

Wouldn't our parent laugh at the amount of time and energy we put into getting our kids to eat healthy and a variety of foods?

I would love to hear some menues others have found to be family friendly. Great topic!

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