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June 26, 2009


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My 15 year old daughter loved the series and I have to say frankly, it never occured to me to read it until now. It seemed so "teen" and I too am not into vampires. But what the heck. Your right, I shouldn't be so out of touch with what my daughter is reading. I am going to give it a try and will report back. Anyone else read it?


I've read the first 2 of the series -- and I admit, I read the first one because my 15-year-old daughter was reading it and from what I'd seen of other vampire books, I wasn't sure this was appropriate reading material for her! I loved it... I'd read after she'd gone to bed, and I finished it long before she did. We've read the 2nd one and are waiting for her friend to lend us #3... if I don't go out and buy a copy of the whole series first!

For me, the series speaks to us of people who are different and how we interact with them. Meyers writes well; the story, even when it gets pretty dark, holds our attention. Meyers doesn't slavishly follow all the rules of traditional vampires but seems to feel free to make her own rules to fit her storyline.

Zen Mama, I agree that it isn't often that both the book and the movie will hold up. Chocolat, for all the differences between the book and the movie, manages in both media; Gone with the Wind is another. Harry Potter does in its own way, although I'm not sure the movies are as enduring as the books -- it's just nice to have the special effects so we can see a Quiddich game being played! ;-) But Twilight -- the movie -- does a pretty good job... even if your images of the characters are different from the actors who play the parts, somehow it still worked for me.

Happy reading!

Zen Mama Wannabe

I just finished the 3rd in the series (I got this one from the Library as it doesn't come out in paperback until August and I was TRYING to be good). I'm going to go back today and put in a request at the Library for Book 4. Good thing is it's FREE. Bad thing is you have to WAIT for it to be available and can't read it right when you want to.

I do think I will buy the last 2 at some point - just to have the whole series (but then I'm like that with my books). :) Especially ones I can see re-reading or that I think my kids would enjoy some day.

Since I'm waiting for Book 4, I went ahead and rented the movie last night. Interesting. My thoughts were: 1) I wonder if you'd get much out of this if you hadn't read the book. And 2) I bet teens would love this anyway. :)

Anyway, I'm SO glad I looked into what all the fuss was about. :) I wonder what other things I might be missing??


Have you read Bridge to Terebithia? I read it, as did my younger daughter, but I haven't seen the movie so I don't know how faithful it is to the book. If you read it, keep a Kleenex handy ;-)


I took my kids to Bridge to Terebithia a few years back not really knowing much about it other than it was suppose to be great. It was a wonderful movie but boy was it sad. It also dealt with a some mature themes like belief in God, parental abuse etc. I won't give away the ending but as we left my then 13 year old daughter was sobbing. She read the book after the movie and I really need to read it too. Great movie but boy oh boy.... I will be interetsed to see how the book compares. LarkLady and Zen Mama, you have really encourged me to read some of these "teen" books. Thanks!

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