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June 01, 2009


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Our daughter left this morning to fly across country; I hadn't heard about the plane going down off Brazil until after she was in the air. I have to admit I wasn't entirely comfortable until she was safely on the ground again!

Mostly I'm only nervous during take-off and landing. But I used to like to fly; now I don't. Part of it is all the hassle of getting on a plane these days; part of it is all the cutbacks in service. And part of it is just that before it never occurred to me that someone would really try to deliberately take down a commercial airliner; now it's always there in the background.

My prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were on Flight 447!

Zen Mama Wannabe

Glad to hear your daughter landed safely! Yeah, air travel today just ain't what it used to me. (or I'm definitely much more of a chicken)! Hmm - maybe a little of both??


I too used to love to fly and now don't enjoy it at all. I am not necessarily nervous or scared something will happen but I am also aware that something could. I add my prayers to the friends and families of Flight 447.

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