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April 29, 2009


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Considering that experts say the Swine Flu pandemic may actually be less severe than this past winter's flu season, the media does seem overly preoccupied with it. On the other hand, if it raises awareness enough to change people's habits -- washing hands frequently, staying home when you're not feeling well instead of going out and exposing people who may be high risk for respiratory infections, etc. -- then perhaps it's worth it.

But here in my county, two cases have already been confirmed (brothers, as it happens) -- and the school district promptly closed their schools to see if a rapid response can lessen the impact. At this point, that seems almost like overkill -- but perhaps fast action will minimize the spread.

Meanwhile, wash your hands!


The media certainly plays on America's love of drama, suspense, tragedy, wonder we all can't get enough coverage of the swine flu. There is something to be said for rasing the level of awarness so people are more diligent about staying home when their sick, washing hands etc. Now that my awarness is raised and I am taking the usual flu precautions, it's time to turn off the TV and get my drama fix somehwere else.


Hey, CallieandBatido! I have 2 teenage daughters: if you want your drama fix somewhere else, you can borrow either or both of them :-)

In the media's defense, if they didn't cover the swine flu, there'd be accusations of cover up -- and then we could get our drama fix on THAT topic! It's always something, I guess.


So right LarkLady, sometimes the media can't win. Thanks for the offer of lending me your teenage daughters but I have one of my own and she brings enough drama for 10 girls. :)

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