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April 05, 2009


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Let's face it: moving is no fun. Ever.

But look at the bright side: you weren't moving across country; you didn't have one of the moving vans get lost en route. If all you've lost is a pice from your coffee machine, you're doing pretty well!

You have a lot going on in your life besides moving, it sounds like, so give yourself permission to tackle those boxes at a reasonable rate. Don't postpone all of life's pleasures until the last box is unpacked -- use a walk by the water as an incentive: "After I unpack 2 boxes, I will go for a 20 minute walk to refresh myself." That sort of thing can get you through it all in a better frame of mind than focusing exclusively on the pile of cardboard cartons -- and all the other "have to" items!

As for the latte, try heating milk in the mug in the microwave, then adding a tablespoon of powdered milk, then pouring in the coffee to fill the mug. It's not the same as your latte machine will make -- but the powdered milk makes it foam, at least a little ;-)


Okay, I am from Seattle, the coffee capital, and have to say, I appreciate the seriousness of not being able to make a great cup of coffee. You definately need to give yourself permission to go out for a good cup of coffee every morning. Let's face it, it's important.

That said, I agree with Lady Lark. Relax, Zen Momma and enjoy your new place. The unpacking will happen, even if slower than expected. You have so much on your plate right now with your kids schedules, doctor's appointments and trying to settle in.

I think we all feel that "once we get....done" life will relax and get back to normal. I haven't hit that spot in over 5 years. Welcome to life in 2110.

Zen Mama Wannabe

Ah yes, the coffee piece to our moving woes....being from Seattle you are SURE to understand! :) It's been a rough go here but yesterday we FINALLY found that little missing part (well, 3 of them actually) that prevented us from starting off our mornings on the right foot. I'm sipping my homemade non-fat latte as I type. Ahh! Things are definitely looking up!

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