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April 27, 2009


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It depends how long it is before you try to get back up on whatever horse you fell off of as to whether you pick up where you left off or go back and regroup a bit. Trying to resume at the level you had worked up to when you fell off may be too much at first -- the frustration of not being able to make it may discourage you from trying a third time.

Re-examining your goals after falling off is a good idea, before you jump back on. What were the factors that were working against you that made you fall off? Have you done anything to overcome those or to change the circumstances? If not, aren't you just as liable to fall off again?

Sometimes we attempt unreasonable if not impossible goals and then are surprised when things don't work out. What support did you have in place when you first got on that horse? Do you need something more before you jump back on?

But once you've analyzed it all, look that horse in the eye, grab the reins and go for it! Because the longer you delay, the harder it is to climp back up.

Giddyup! Get going!


I too have fallen off my horse more times than I care to count let alone remember. I agree with LarkLady that when we fall off it is a good time to take a deep breath and re-examine the goal and why we think we fell off in the first place. It is so easy to just try to pick up where I left off only to find myself out of the saddle once again.

I tend to be an all or nothing personality when it comes to my goals. It works wonders when I am in my "all" phase but is pretty discouraging when I am in my "none" stage. I am struggling to find a balance between the two. Because let's face it, we need balance to keep ourselves in the saddle.


I laughed out loud, very funny, hate having a lippy horse.

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