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April 14, 2009


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And what nerve it must have taken Susan Boyle to try out for that show! My daughter auditioned on America's Got Talent (and got left on the cutting room floor), but it was a brutal process in a lot of ways. Well done, indeed, Susan Boyle -- and thank you for a lesson I hope I never forget! I hope we hear a lot more from you in the future!

And thank you, too, to Susan's mother, who encouraged her and gave her hope to try out! She must have known Susan would be risking a lot -- and yet she must also have believed in her daughter enough to think it worth that risk.

Zen Mama Wannabe

Yes, belief in a child is SO powerful. We really need to remember that more often in our interactions with the children in our lives.

Sounds like her mother/parents were very protective of her -- possibly a detriment to her at least at times -- and yet ultimately provided the final push she needed to seek out her goals (well, at least one of them). Good for Susan Boyle!

And shame on all of us who predetermined how she would be before she even started singing a note.

Many good lessons here, I think. I love this story!


The L.A. Times has an article on Susan Boyle today: "When talent trumps it all -- It wasn't glam or glitz that catapulted Susan Boyle onto a world stage overnight. It was just a dream."

I'm sure the Times wasn't the only one to have a lengthy article on Susan and her instant and widespread appeal. Go, Susan, go!

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