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March 18, 2009


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I've never thought of 5 as being a particularly "big" birthday, but since I remember my own 5th birthday party, I guess maybe there's something special about it. The details of most of the others have faded, but that one, at least, stands out clearly. I remember the cake my mother baked (a carousel) and the fact that instead of candles she used left-over sparklers from the 4th of July (probably a lot of the reason I remember that birthday party so well: people talked about it for weeks afterward!).

But I don't think I've ever heard the story of the night I was born. What a nice tradition -- telling the story. I wonder if it's too late to start it now?

Zen Mama Wannabe

You know, my son didn't make a huge deal about turning 5 -- but to my daughter, it is EVERYTHING. Maybe that is because the second one knows what it means -- being able to start Kindergarten, etc.

I tried to think back to my 5th birthday - but don't think I remember it. I do remember my Kindergarten graduation (which was a big deal to me - for some reason). Funny what we recall, isn't it?

I think it is important in this modern age of technology to hold on to old-fashioned story LOVE it. My son continues to go on and on about his great great grandmother who came over to America in the 1800's (who he had to write a report on for that family heritage unit in school). And they especially love stories about themselves -- which is a reason why their birth story is so meaningful, because it marks their start in the world. (and everyone's is just a little different).

I say GO FOR IT - it is NEVER too late to start. :)


Story telling is so important! How great that you share the story of when they were born with each of your kids. A wonderful tradition!

While your daughters birth story is not quite the one you had planned, it is in fact the "perfect" story. It may not have been what you planned, what you wished and worked hard for, but is is the beginning of the story of her. Just as amazing and wonderful as that first perfect birth... just different.

Keep telling her story, it's a wonderful tradition.

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