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March 23, 2009


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Some good reminders about perspective here -- the hassles of moving are mighty, but they're hassles, not problems. A broken wrist is certainly no fun, especially when it's the major arm (I'm only a little ambidextrous, and there are things I just can't do with my left hand -- so I really feel for your mom!), but a broken hip or a smashed head would have been so much worse!

Hope the party for your Little One was lots of fun -- and that you were able to enjoy it too, not just breathe a sigh of relief that it's over.


It really is all perspective, isn't it? Moving is a hassle not a major problem. But moving in a week while trying to take care of an aging mother who has been injured, pack, plan and host a birthday party....sounds pretty overwhelming to me.

But as you say, just being healthy and even alive are things we need to remember to be so thankful for. It helps remind us of what is really important....ah, we are back at perspective. You are so right Zen Mama.

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