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March 02, 2009


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Hmmm... several thoughts come to mind. Like... checking with other parents to see where they've had good luck buying kids' shoes. Checking the local paper for upcoming shoe sales. Checking the yellow pages or online for the nearest Payless Shoes that has a decent kids section (not all of them do -- but some are good).

Also, once you have an accurate measurement of the shoe size, you might try looking online. LandsEnd and LL Bean both have kids' shoes, and both have good return policies if they just don't fit right. And twice a year, Nordstrom has a sale -- and it's worth the headache to get there as early into the sale as you can (the one nearest us gets picked over quickly, so even if the sale lasts more than a few days, it's not worth it to go towards the end).


It seems to be Murphy's Law, that when they have outgrown their shoes, there are no reasonably priced shoes to be found. On the other hand, when they have shoes that fit, we see all the great sales we pass by because they don't need a new pair. How much we are willing to spend on a childs pair of sneakers...that's the deciding factor.


How did shoe shopping with your daughter go?

Zen Mama Wannabe

Target, baby, Target. That's where I just got 2 pairs of shoes for my daughter. Total for both came to under $30. Pretty cute too.

Thanks, by the way, to those readers who emailed me directly to let me know about Nordstrom's big shoe sale they were just having. I didn't make it over there - but good to know about the next time around!

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