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February 22, 2009


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I am skipping it and going for the re-cap tomorrow. I can see most of the same things and find out the same information in a whole lot less time. But, I do appreciate the fun in watching everyone walk down the red carpet, hear the jokes, acceptance speeches etc. I saw Slumdog Millionaire and loved it. I thought Revolutionary Road slow and disappointing and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button surprisingly good. What did everyone else think?


I saw Doubt and found it intriguing, but that's the only one of this year's crop that I managed to see. At least a couple of others were on my list, but we never got to it... finding time to go to a movie is something that often just doesn't happen. My husband resents the cost -- he remembers the days when we were able to go to weekday matinees for $2. (And we did... at least once a month. Then we had children!)

Watch the Oscars? No... no interest. I can get the results on the computer afterwards or in the paper in the morning; watching the mostly boring, drawn-out TV spectacle does nothing for me.

But the Oscar results don't hold the magic that they once did for me -- I've seen too many really wonderful movies lose out to something less inspired, too many awe-inspiring performances lose to one that left me flat. So if Slumdog Millionaire takes all the biggies tonight, I won't be surprised -- but I'll also still make an effort to see some of the others that were on my list.


You really should see Slumdog Millionaire- it's fantastic!

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