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January 27, 2009


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Ah... the power of positive thinking!

I can get it to work for me at 2 in the afternoon most of the time (some of the time?). But it's the doubts and fears at 2 in the morning that I'm powerless against. Rationally, I know that if I can just ride it out until the (literal!) light of day, I'll be all right... but I simply don't think rationally in those fearful dark hours of the night/early morning. My husband has asked on more than one occasion -- in the morning light, after I've had a nightmare or an attack of what I call Night Devils: those paralysing fears that can be worse than nightmares -- why I didn't wake him up to talk it through, or at least to get a hug??? And logically, that's exactly what I should have done... except that when I'm caught up in that darkness, it never crosses my mind that help is less than a foot away.

So think positive and affirming thoughts while you're awake...

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