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December 03, 2008


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I don't think I have done many things on your list for a very long time Zen Mamma. I guess that speaks to being on the fast track and so focued on the day to day that I don't stop to "smell the roses" like I should.

But I have "let an older relative know how important they are to me, read a poem outloud and told a child how special they are" and probably a few more. Great list Zen Mama. I will celebrate what I Do and work on what I should.


I was somewhat surprised at how many of those items I actually do on a fairly regular basis... but a few on your list caught me up! For instance, "Took the time to catch up with an old friend." I realize that I need to take some time to do this a lot more often than I do -- after all, friendships are what make the world go 'round!

The funny thing is that one of my favorite sayings is "Life is uncertain: eat dessert first!" -- but I can't remember the last time I actually did. The closest I've come is when I ordered a small salad and dessert for dinner when we were on vacation. Hardly the same thing, is it...

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