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December 02, 2008


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The horor of someone dying, for "a good deal", will remain in my memory forever. We have to ask ourselves, in the middle of a recession, what are WE doing to curb OUR spending and take a reality check? It is a scary economy out there right now and I think many of us continue to be surprised when it hits us personally. But until we are willing to STOP and wait until we can afford something before buying it (a lesson our parents and grandparents certainly learned the hard way) we are in for scary times. We are the "Now" and "Us" do we get off the tredmill?


We're ALL probably in need of some good news, although I suspect you won't get it from today's media. But I was reflecting the other day that I don't think things are particularly worse now than they were at any other particular time before... The big difference -- the HUGE difference! -- is that we hear about it 1) immediately and 2) from dozens of sources, repetitively. News stories from the source are on TV, radio, the internet, and Twittered to your cell phone or computer while it's happening; a hundred years ago, most events we are now bombarded with wouldn't have ever shown up in the newspaper -- and those that did lacked the impact of immediacy. We don't just hear about it today: we see it on the news and on YouTube.

It's easy to lose track of all the good that is going on under our noses, but it's there. A child needs a bone marrow transplant; because we have the means to make that need known over a widespread area, more people register in the donor bank, increasing the likelihood of a match. That's just one example; you can all think of others.

So look for the good news... and spread it around, because others need to hear it, too! We need to learn wiser spending habits, but we need to learn wiser spiritual habits, too -- passing along good news, doing random acts of kindness for no other reason than that it's a nice thing to do!

The world will be better for it, and individually we'll each be better for it.

Zen Mama Wannabe

Yes LarkLady, modern technology as it relates to communication is definitely a 2-edged sword with both good and bad points. But even if we tune out the bad news, it doesn't mean it isn't happening. And THAT it is even happening (a man being trampled to death by eager Wal-Mart shoppers for example) is the problem.

I agree it is important to focus on the good and spread more of that along. I truly believe the old adage that you get more of what you focus on. But, I don't think we should lose sight of the other stuff (the sad, horrific or shocking). It shows us where we are as a society and what we need to work on. Maybe...if we could focus even just a little on solving those underlying problems, we would have more good news all around. As my kids love to say, "It COULD happen." :)

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