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November 11, 2008


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You get upset over the mispronunciation of the President-Elect's name; I get upset when people can't spell his first name correctly. B-A-R-A-C-K... now is that so difficult?? I wouldn't think so, except much of the pre-election emails that came my way (most of it pro-McCain, I have to add) spelled it B-A-R-A-K.

Regardless of who one voted for, this was indeed a momentous election for us as a nation, and I'm glad you're helping your children understand that they're living something that will one day be in history books. My own kids went back and forth between sensing history in the making and acting like electing a black man President was oh-so-natural-and-why-is-everyone-making-a-big-deal-over-it.


It was truly an exciting moment in history and one I know I will remember forever.

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