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November 05, 2008


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Tonggu Momma

I cried. Thanks for sharing the clip.


Good video clip! Hasselback's words are indeed gracious and well worth hearing... but it's Shepherd's comments that tear at my heart! Why has it taken us so long to get here? Shirley Chisholm was a candidate back in 1972 primaries; obviously we weren't ready then for a black woman to be a candidate... but it's taken another whole generation to reach this point, where we can elect a black man by a significant majority to be our President.

Thanks for sharing not only that but also the thoughts of the man on the radio.

Yes, it's time to move forward... and not continue "politics as usual." I hope and pray that Obama can move us forward into new ways of doing things -- because the old ways have been slowly destoying us.

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