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October 24, 2008


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I haven't heard the term Thoughtful Deference before, but I like it! It seems like life moves along the speed of light these days. Daily I stand behind someone in line talking on their cell phone while making making a transaction and completely ignoring the sales clerk. Last night my husband and I went out for a romantic dinner only to be distracted by the couple next to us who talked on their respective cell phones for over a half hour, and not to each other. I was cut off while driving because apparently driving 10 miles over the speed limit wasn't fast enough. I think your right Zenn Mama, we have lost the age old idea of courtesy and respect. Saying "hello", "thank you" and taking our shoes off in someone's house if they prefer that should be a given Maybe we all, adult and child a like, take a good look at Thoughtful Deference and see how we can incorporate it on our lives.


I haven't heard that term either, but I love it! I'm sure my kids,and myself,are lacking in it at times, but there are certain things that I have spent years pounding into my kid head. A big one for me, When your at someone else's home, eating at their table, you eat what they put in front of you. And you don't know how many guests my sons have had over that have refused what I offered, asked for something different, or came out and said "Yuck". My kids know that is unacceptable behavior, and hopefully wouldn't do it.

It's all old fashioned respect and manners. I've seen kids crossing the street in front of me, while I'm waiting in my car, and when they notice me waiting,they slow way down, and stare right at me and laugh, or worse, give me a nice hand gesture. What is that about??? I know that's extreme rudeness, but it starts with small things.

Excellent post!

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