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October 18, 2008


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Auntie G

OOOOhhhhh---I gave my mom the almond joy's too!! and the toothbrushes that Dr Krebs house gave out (dentist)I now BUY Almond Joys to hand out---so I'll actually have something to give when the big day comes!!!!(until I figured out that you could eat the almond and scrape the chocolate off with your teeth---now I'm thinking Mounds)Love Halloween!!!

Zen Mama Wannabe

Yes, perhaps the one good thing about now living in a neighborhood where there is no Trick or Treating is that I don't have to stock up on candy to pass out. How many EXTRA bags would I buy to ensure that we'd have enough to hand out on the actual night - because I wasn't as smart as you, Auntie Glo, and I'd pick out candy we actually liked (on the premise that we just might have some left over - HA) - and even when I'd HIDE it, my dear husband would find it and slowly nibble away at it. Now we're left to sneaking a Snickers bar or two out of our kids' stash...not nearly as enjoyable, but a lot less calories to deal with. :)

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