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October 05, 2008


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I have suffered over the very same issues since my daughter was born 14 years ago! They say that with age comes wisdom and I have finally gotten wise. When I stopped fretting over what my girls would and would not eat and stopped jumping through hoops to entice their picky preferences, a miracle happened. They started eating what was put in front of them.

Not always happily I assure you but they did eat. None of the food groups are optional anymore. They will and do eat vegetables. I am the queen of "if you want dessert then you have to eat your meal" and your right, it works! I am careful to have something at each meal that each of my daughters like and I don't give them very big portions of the things they don't like.

My non meat eater does not have to eat meat but she does have to eat protein. I offer choices at breakfast and lunch but no longer at dinner. We can't make kids eat but we can control what we serve them. Their willingness to only eat kid friendly foods comes from the fact that we are willing to make it for them.

I have not eliminated the favorite kid friendly foods they love, I have just moved those foods to lunches and kids pick dinner. And the other miracle....they have found so many new foods they actually do like. What took me so long to wise up?!

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