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September 15, 2008


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Why doesn't your life feel like Leave It to Beaver, when your dreams from your youth have all come to pass? Well, for one, because Leave It to Beaver was TV, not reality; it was scripted so that everything would work out perfectly in 30 minutes. Scriptwriters worked hard to make it all seem so natural -- but what they did was work. Likewise, Barbara Billingsley -- the actress who played June Cleaver, for those of you too young to remember (oops! I'm dating myself!) -- was not a stay-at-home mom: she just played the role of one.

So don't beat yourself up too badly for not having your life match the fantasy: you (and the rest of your family!) aren't following a finely crafted script to bring every episode to a neatly packaged conclusion. You have to live your life in real time, without a script, and that's no mean feat! You do your best, and that's all anyone -- those you live with and those in the outside world -- can ask of you.

And that's all you should be asking of yourself. Strive for greatness -- try your best -- and then let it be.


It is funny to think that no matter how good we are at our job as stay at home moms, we still feel inadequate somehow. Are we letting society's lack of respect for this career (and it IS a career - nutritionist, activity planner, teacher, etc...) influence how we feel about us?


I think MVmom is on to something. Why do we feel inadequate as mom's no matter how hard we try? Perhaps it is the expectations we put on ourselves or as Ladylarkin pointed out, we actaully believed it could be like Leave It To Beaver. Here's to us mom's and all the great things we DO right(or at least with love) each and every day!


Just remember Eleanor Roosevelt's famous admonition: No one can make you feel inadequate without your permission.

We all have to stop buying into the belief that "being a Mom" is somehow of lesser value than being a rocket scientist. If you're having a bad day and need a boost, read -- you've probably seen it before, but we all need a reminder sometimes of everything that's involved in being "just a mom!"

Hold your heads up high, all you who are raising the next generation! Where would society be without you?

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