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September 10, 2008


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Recently, at the suggestion of my best friend, I made vision boards with my daughters and two other friends and their kids. All in all, we had 3 moms, 3 daughers and 2 sons particpate. It was a really fun experience to see what we all vision in our lives. I know my daughters and I all have our boards displayed proudly in our rooms.


You are going to love this. Mind Movies takes setting intentions, creating treasure maps, vision boards or dream boards and repeating affirmations to a new level.

Multiply the power of The Secret and The Law of Attraction to manifest your goals in record time!

So what are mind movies? Visit my website ( to view a series of videos that will teach you about MindMovies.

By making a Mind Movie you can take your ideas from the abstract and
"wish" state into a reality in a short period of time. Depending on
how much emotion you attach to your desire, and how much your belief
systems align with your desire, will determine how quickly you see
your reality rearranging to fit your desire. A Mind Movie can help you
put it all together—the desire, how you describe it, what it looks
like, what it feels like, and inspiring music to align the desire with
your deepest, strongest feelings and emotions.

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