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September 22, 2008


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Tonggu Momma

What an absolutely gorgeous post.


I saw a sign by one of the businesses I drive by on my way to work -- one of those movable letter signs that changes once or twice a week. It caught my eye and my attention enough so that I copied it down once I got to work and hung it by my desk:


Zen Mama Wannabe

That is a great quote too! I keep a file of my favorite ones - that one about footprints on the moon will definitely be added in. Thanks for sharing.


Isn't it amazing how often we impose unintended limitations on ourselves through our unconcious thinking patterns? I think you're doing your children a tremendous favor by keeping them as open as possible to dreams and goals most people would scoff at as being unrealistic. Life has quite enough mechanisms which work to screen out those who attempt lofty goals but aren't quite up to it; why should we self-select out of a race we might win just by showing up and trying our best?

If your son doesn't have what it takes to be a major league baseball player, then he'll stumble along the way: he won't make the varsity baseball team in high school, for instance, or the college team -- something will come along and make it plain this isn't the road for him. But one thing I can guarantee: if he doesn't try for it, he won't make it. Self-selection out of a process is the surest guarantee of failure I can think of!

And when you think about it, why should we be our own worst enemy?? There are enough other people and other factors working against us -- why should we help them out??

Zen Mama Wannabe

Well put, Lark Lady! Now I just need to remember all this for ME as well. After all, it isn't just our kids that run into limits and dream-busters -- think about all the limiting self-talk we use on ourselves!


I try to do that with my boys, I tell them often how wonderful they are, and that they can be whatever they want. There are so many people that will try to put up roadblocks along their way, I want to instill that confidence and faith early. What a great mama you are!


Our kids really can be anything they dream of being. And, hey, so can we. Having big dreams is so important. Is there really any other kind? Your son's big dream may to be a great baseball player and if encouraged, he can work hard toward that dream. And along the way life will lead him to his next big dream. Sometimes following our dreams leads us to where we were meant to be all along.

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