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September 30, 2008


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Great topic Zen Mamma! I will have to check out the book. It is so important to teach our kids the joy of giving. We have been working on that very concept for a long time. One example is that on Oct. 1st, it marks the end of my kids asking for anything, us buying them anything or them buying themselves anything. It begins the three month period of them thinking about and preparing for the holidays and what they are going to GIVE. They are responsible for giving their own gifts to family and friends. When they were younger it was necklaces made of beads and as they have gotten older poems they have writen or hats they have knitted. I also provide oportunities to earn money so they can also have money to shop. Another thing we do is save 1/2 of the "allowance" their great grandmother sends them each month. After they have enough saved, they do something for her. Last month they sent her flowers, just because. In a climate of "I want" it is so important to teach the joy of giving.


What a great idea! But, your son was right ... it is not just giving "things" that is important. Also, let's not forget children learn a lot from what they see their parents do in every day situations, too (i.e. letting someone with fewer groceries go before them, being courteous to other drivers on the road, etc...).


How is your 29 days of giving going? Did your family meet your goal or are you still working on it? I just love the idea but haven't been able to incorporate into my regular daily schedule and would love to hear how others do!

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