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September 12, 2008


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Luna Bars are good... but yeah, they look like a candy bar, and taste-wise they're pretty close to a candy bar. Probably not the best thing to put in his lunchbox on a regular basis.

But it sounds as though you and he need to put your heads together and think about expanding the food repertoire somewhat! The food list hasn't done its magic, so perhaps a challenge would put enough incentive into it to get him interested. Give him so many points for each new food he tries, with x number of points earning him a treat of some sort -- doing something with Dad that he doesn't often get to do, or a trip to his favorite park, or ____. You and he can set the rules as to how many bites constitutes "trying" a new food.

You need to find ways to get him to eat more foods -- you're stressing over this; your husband is stressing over this. It would seem that it's time to make this a priority!

Good luck!


Two weeks later... how are you doing with making some changes in your son's diet?

And how did the lunch with his former teacher go???

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