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August 14, 2008


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I can't beat wild turkeys and deer, and especially not in the same day! But I do remember coming home one night and seeing the cat on the front lawn as I drove back along the driveway to the garage. I went in the back door, came through the house, opened the front door and called the cat in. She didn't move -- just sat there with her back to me! I rolled my eyes, thought "arrogant cat!" and shut the front door... she was my husband's cat; we were fairly recently married, and the cat and I hadn't exactly come to terms quite yet ;-) A few minutes later, my husband came home, walked in the front door and said...

"Did you see that big old possum on the front lawn??! Wow!".... just as the cat walked in from the back bedroom.

Wouldn't I have been surprised if that old possum HAD decided to take me up on my offer!!!

Zen Mama Wannabe

Possums?? Ugh! I'd take turkeys and deer ANY day!

I remember when my previous dog caught one in my mother's backyard when we were visiting one night. It was hanging out of his mouth and I nearly had a heart attack!

I screamed, which brought my mom running - but she is one cool cucumber and she calmly turned the hose on and squirted my dog in the face. (I confess that NEVER occurred to me!) He promptly dropped the possum, which stopped playing dead and ran off. I climbed down off the patio chair I was on and went to lie down - it had been a very taxing night. :)

Of course my mom is the same woman who opened her front door one morning on her way out for her daily walk, saw a coyote standing there on a sidewalk and told it to SHOO, SHOO! It did - and she proceeded on her way. (My kids LOVE this story about their "Baba"). :)

Yep, I'll stick to the turkeys!


Our cat brought a live bird in a few years back. It flew all over the house and took us several hours to get it out. It was even harder keeping the cat from trying to re-capture her prey.

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