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August 19, 2008


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If you find a way to turn yourself into a Morning Person in 6 days, I really want to hear about it!

If I didn't have to deal with the outside world -- as in going to work, getting daughters to school, etc. -- I would very likely stay up late and get up late. As it is, I'm all too frequently heard telling the alarm clock just what it can do with its obnoxious noises when it starts cheerfully chirping at me at Oh-dark-thirty (as Wake-Up Time is referred to in our house ;-)

We tend to do the "make gradual adjustments all week" rather than tough it out on the first day of school. But savoring that last week of vacation is always a temptation, I admit.


This is JUST the issue I was talking about and worrying about earlier today! Do we spend our last week of summer gearing up for school or do we we spend our last week of summer enjoying it and then paying the price? I am on the fence Zen Mamma, what did YOU decide?

Zen Mama Wannabe

I'm trying to make the gradual adjustment all week - last night's routine went pretty well, but tonight was a BUST! :(

The mornings have still been tough. No - haven't turned into a Morning Person yet (where is my Fairy Godmother with her wand when I need her?!) and the hustle and bustle of next week's a.m. routine has already filled me with dread.

So I'm not enjoying the last few days of summer (in that regard) and not getting back into the groove of our soon-to-be fast-paced schedule either. Hmmm. Guess this Zen Mama Wannabe could use a little help. Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right?

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