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August 21, 2008


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I think your husband may be on to something Zenmamma. Are we feeling rich or poor today?


Let it be, ZenMama! When she's ready, she'll get a hig-def flat-screen TV... and then wonder why she waited! But in this as in so many things in life, timing is everything. If you push her to get something before she's ready to make the plunge, I suspect she'll get something less expensive -- and probably not really what she wants.

The more you push, the more her response will be that she's feeling poor. Let go and let her come around to it... and she'll be more likely to be feeling rich.

I see the same thing in myself at times. If it's MY idea to buy something for the kids, I feel rich... and am more likely to spend more to get better quality of whatever it is that I'm buying. But if they're whining that they need this and they need that, it's a sure bet that I'm going to be feeling poor! I may still pull out the credit card and buy it... but it's a whole different feeling, for both me and the kids.

In some ways I like the Depression mentality of saving up for something -- planning the purchase and looking forward to what will be done with it -- and then buying it in cash. No credit card bill to come later and haunt you: it's been paid for!

And speaking of feeling rich or poor and buying things we want (as opposed to really need), what did you decide about the Wii?????

Zen Mama Wannabe

Proud of myself thus far, I must say. Even in those "rich" moments, which are far too few these days, this Zen Mama Wannabe is still holding my ground for NO Wii. In that case, it's easy when I'm feeling "poor" to think absolutely not; it's when I feel "rich" that I occasionally doubt myself.

I too like the Depression era way of holding off on buying something until you actually have the cold, hard cash for it. Well, I like it in theory anyway. In practice, I think it would be almost impossible for us to do - boy that says something, doesn't it??

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