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July 24, 2008


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The "kid friendly" broccoli are like eating little trees trick did not work for my kids either. I think kids are a lot smarter than we think.


I am right there with you. It's very hard to cope with fussy eaters and disappointing to have family meal times disrupted by whining and complaining.

I just keep telling myself that a healthy child will always eat when they are hungry (no matter what it is) and that no child ever starved in front of a full dinner plate.

As for the whining, well, I'm trying selective deafness at the moment.

I tell my daughter, "this is what we are having for dinner, it tastes great and there is nothing else to have".

It's very hard to stick to but I think of my own mum and how strict she was in providing balanced meals for us despite a limited budget. I owe my excellent health to her. I'd hate to be responsible for my daughter being less healthy than I am.

Stick to your guns and hand out the forests of broccoli. They'll thank you for it in 15 years time.

Zen Mama Wannabe

Sounds like you had a great role model (with your mum) - and now that you mention it, I did too. Maybe I need to focus on the things she did - and less on the things I've been doing (because let's face it, what I'm doing isn't working all that well). Certainly worth thinking about. And, ok, I will keep trying the broccoli trees. :)

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