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July 21, 2008


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Nancy Larkin

BTDT... if that's any consolation! Somehow a problem has snuck up on you, one baby step at a time, no doubt -- and now you find you're in the middle of the quicksand with no easy way out. You know the Five Food Groups -- you probably do pretty well at eating from them yourself. So how did it get so out of hand with your little one?

No matter how you got there, now you'll have to start helping your child make healthy choices when it comes to eating. It's going to be hard at first -- on both of you. But I remember my mom made my older brother list all the foods he liked, then posted it by the kitchen table. Once a food was on the list, he couldn't refuse to eat it. Actually, looking back, I think his list was pretty lengthy and diverse -- I wish my kids had been that adventurous in their eating habits!

So find a way to encourage your child(ren) to explore more foods. I recently read an article in our local paper that kids who help raise vegetables in a garden are more willing to eat vegetables -- so maybe start a garden and make sure they do the majority of the watering and weeding. Find dishes they can help prepare -- another way to give them some ownership in what they're eating. It won't get dinner on the table any faster -- but they're more likely to eat it when it's finally ready.

Good luck! But know that you're not alone. I seem to remember that my younger sister went through a stage when she ate a hamburger patty and instant mashed potatoes for dinner as many nights as Mom would make them for her. She grew out of it -- and turned out pretty well!

Zen Mama Wannabe

I'm clueless about a lot of things - as we can see - so please help...what does "BTDT" mean??

Nancy Larkin

Sorry ;-) BTDT = Been There Done That!


I think we have all been in the same situation. It took me years to realize that I was so focused on making sure my girls ate healthy that I didn't realize I was creating picky eaters that were difficult to take anywhere. I went as far as fixing "kid meals", all to insure my little angles were eating. Now I fix one meal and everyone is required to try a small bite of everything. I have also worked on some rules on how to handle it when you are somewhere and you don't like what is being served.

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