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July 30, 2008


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BumPer sticker... not bummer sticker ;-)

Pretty neat one, though!

Zen Mama Wannabe

BumPer - BumPer - BumPer - got it! Aren't typos a "bummer"?! :)
Thanks for pointing that out!


Excuse me for going off on a tangent, but your whimsical bumpersticker got me recalling a recent report of a study on bumperstickers as a predictor of road rage.
See -- and google "bumper stickers and road rage" for more articles.

It seems that it doesn't much matter WHAT sort of bumperstickers you put on your car, or even what sort of car you have... the more personalization of your vehicle, the higher the chances that you'll display road rage.

Fascinating, isn't it? That WHAT you say isn't as indicative as THAT you display it?!?

Granville Lochrico

It says a lot by saying less, which is what good bumper stickers are supposed to do. The message should be short and sweet - unless you're expecting to be stuck long enough in traffic to let the other drivers read a whole bunch of texts.

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