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June 04, 2008


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Over-inflated sense of entitlement? Maybe (okay: probably!) But maybe there's another side to this scenario... I know that on the occasions when I've pulled my kids' cell phones for disciplinary reasons, I've relied on the graciousness of others to give my kids access to a phone when it was really necessary -- or even just very convenient.

But usually it’s a friend, sometimes a teacher, who gets hit up for a phone in those cases; I can’t quite imagine either of my daughters approaching a stranger to ask to use a phone. So I guess that’s where my Scam Alert alarm goes off in your scenario, Zen Mama: the kid leaves his friends and walks over to you to ask to use the phone. Why?

I’m with you: it just doesn’t feel right. Under the circumstances, I think you handled it pretty well!


What a rude kid! It is amazing how entitled kids feel these days. Maybe it's because they get so many things like cell phones and I-Pods without having to work for them.


I think it is so important that we model respect for our kids. Respect in how we deal with them and other people in our lives (they are always watching us). Also insuring that they treat us, their parents, with the utmost respect and not putting up with rude, mouthy behavior will teach them how we expect them to behave with other adults.


I truly feel that so many kids have 0 respect for adults and they believe that the whole world is there just to serve them. How rude! How about do you have a quarter, because I can point you in the direction of a pay-phone.

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