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June 22, 2008


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I agree, every day can't and shouldn't be Disneyland. Do we have to high of expecations for ourselves and to few of our kids?


Where did all these high expectations come from, I wonder? How did they creep into our lives and take over? And how can we help swing the pendulum back to a more sane center ground??

How much of our current mindset is tied up with our heavily scheduled lives in general and specifically for our children? I remember long summers with not a lot of things planned in advance to do... we met up with other kids on the block or not; we played tag or other games and didn't rely on adults to schedule play dates.

Those days are long gone, at least where I live. The expectation is that days will be pre-planned -- filled with soccer and softball and dance and whatever -- and when left to their own devices for a few hours, my kids often whine "I'm bored." I'm learning to say, find a friend, find a book, or pick a job out of the Job Jar!


LOVE the "pick a job out of the job jar" idea in response to "I'm bored". I am going to try it!

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